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Unexploded ordnance

James Fisher Marine Services offers an innovative, fully integrated service for unexploded ordnance (UXO) operations.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) offers solutions to support its customers' offshore ordnance operations by detecting, identifying disposing of and disposing UXOs safely and effectively and with minimal disruption to sea life. 

With full in-house capabilities, we have experienced and qualified personnel possessing extensive portfolios of successful live operations. Together with one of the leading technical authorities on UXO disposal in the UK, we identify UXOs and advise on appropriate courses of action.

JFMS offers a comprehensive turnkey solution, from initial survey through to subsequent positive explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) action on designated targets.

Our unexploded ordnance (UXO) services include:

  • UXO/EOD risk consultancy
  • UXO subsea surveys
  • UXO identification and investigation
  • Subsea EOD
  • Disposal and removal
  • Seabed clearance
  • Emergency EOD response
  • Diver/ROV operated equipment
  • Subsea boulder demolition

JFMS has an excellent track record of successful explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), with over 400 safe disposals without incident, in challenging and varying offshore environmental conditions

JFMS has also signed a joint venture with GSS Hansa to provide UXO identification and recovery within German waters, in accordance with German federal laws.

For more information download James Fisher Marine Services' UXO brochure (pdf 3MB)

With full in-house capabilities, James Fisher Marine Services delivers tailored solutions to meet specific project requirements, undertaking cost-efficient UXO/EOD operations, delivering value to customers, and maximising the safety of personnel and assets at all times.

We provide fully integrated, technical solutions for UXO mitigation for a variety of geographical locations and environmental conditions, including nil-visibility, strong tidal stream, partially or completely buried targets, as well as close proximity to shore or shallow water circumstances.

Survey and unexploded ordnance (UXO) identification

We can locate potential UXO targets, both proud and buried, using a number of survey techniques to establish a target list. UXO targets are then identified, using non-intrusive dredging techniques, before their removal or disposal. To further support our range of products we also provide consultancy and technical advice, surveying, repairs and calibration.

Boulder demolition

We also have the capability to selectively demolish large boulders in shallow water with small controlled underwater explosions, should boulder-grabs not be able to operate from DPII vessels.

EOD operations

With considerable experience in the management and execution of controlled offshore EOD operations, we aim to implement innovative techniques to mitigate UXO risk, by providing customers with the safest, most efficient and cost-effective technology and methodology.

Techniques include use of an in-situ high order detonation device, Barracuda, and an innovative ordnance waterjet cutting solution, which utilises a cold cutting technique to enable safe UXO removal and disposal.

Emergency response

With full in-house capabilities, JFMS is able to deliver an emergency UXO response with a 48hr turnaround – subject to a customer's licence.

JFMS develops and champions the use of pioneering technology to deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the detection, identification, removal and disposal of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

The Barracuda

Barracuda is a self-filled, charge bomb and mine disposal system, which produces a blast of concentrated molten metal capable of penetrating many centimetres of steel. Passing through cold water at depth, it induces a high order reaction within the recipient target explosive.

Containing just 1kg of plastic explosives in its main charge, Barracuda keeps costs low as well as minimising the environmental impact.

Bubble curtain

The bubble curtain is a system that surrounds the identified UXO and releases a continuous stream of compressed air as a deterrent to sea life during EOD operations. It is a simple, yet effective solution that increases safety and reduces the environmental impact.

Waterjet cutter

JFMS has introduced an innovative, military EOD technique to the commercial industry which utilises a waterjet cutting system – a cold cutting technique that doesn't cause a reaction in the main explosive. Significant technological developments have meant the waterjet cutting system has a range of 400m and can be easily mobilised and used via a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

The waterjet cutting system is the safest and most innovative solution available for separating a mechanism section from the explosive section of a UXO target, enabling its safe removal and disposal. This technique is also ideal for boulder disposal.