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Subsea tooling

James Fisher Marine Services can provide a wide selection of subsea tooling suitable for multiple underwater applications.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) can offer a wide selection of ROV or diver-operated subsea tooling for a range of subsea applications, including:

  • Blueview sonars
  • Gemini sonar
  • Cougar Manip skids (single and twin arm)
  • Tiger Manip skids (single and twin arm)
  • Falcon Manip skids (single and twin arm)
  • Various loch latch launching units
  • Subsea ROV 660vac water jet units 
  • Rotary cleaning tooling units (wire brush, nylon brush, flappers and cheese wire)
  • ROV mountable cathodic protection inspection sets
  • ROV mounted wall thickness meters
  • SD/HD cameras and HD DVR units

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