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Subsea excavation

James Fisher Marine Services is a leading provider of subsea excavation services worldwide, with unrivalled operational expertise to support its customers' operations.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) is the leading dedicated provider of mass flow excavation services, led by a highly experienced team which delivers specialist services on a global basis. As part of the James Fisher and Sons plc group, James Fisher Marine Services is able to provide advanced mass flow excavation services to its global customer base.

With the world’s largest subsea excavation fleet, JFMS' capabilities are unrivalled. From 2 metre to 300 metre water depth, our standard equipment can excavate a variety of soils including sand, gravel, rock dump, drill cuttings and cohesive soils with a shear strength of up to 150kPa (3130psf).

Utilising this capability, JFMS can deliver a fully integrated solution, strengthening its existing subsea diving and ROV services with the capabilities of the wider James Fisher group. JFMS is able to complete larger, more complex projects whilst streamlining the supply chain to offer cost-effective solutions. 

Non-contact excavation

Our mass flow excavation tools generate controllable columns of water which excavate the seabed. This non-contact, highly accurate, method of excavation provides a significant level of safety for sensitive subsea structures so that work is possible around live pipelines, piggyback pipelines, wellheads and other structures.

Subsea excavation services:

  • Seabed preparation and clearance
  • De-burial for IRM activities
  • Pipeline and cable lowering
  • Pipeline and cable crossings
  • Pre-sweeping preparation
  • Freespan rectification
  • Rock dump dispersal
  • Decommissioning work
  • Real time sonar monitoring
  • Shore approaches
  • Spudcan clearance
  • Abandonment excavation
  • Drill cuttings relocation
  • Harbour and channel clearance