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Work class ROVs

James Fisher Marine Services has a fleet of work class ROVs available for mobilisation to support a vast range of subsea activities.

Within James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) there is an in-house team of highly experienced personnel who can offer work class ROV solutions for hire or as part of integrated project solution to a wide range of markets including oil and gas and renewable energy.

The work class ROV fleet consists of four Triton ROVs - two XLXs and two XLSs, offering a powerful solution that is fully configurable to undertake some of the most technically demanding operations in extreme conditions, up to a depth of 3,000m.

With systems capable of delivering a payload of up to 150kg, JFMS' work class ROVs enable an effective solution to deliver construction, route survey, geotechnical, trenching, inspection, repair and maintenance and intervention services.

Delivered with a range of launch and recovery solutions to suit specific applications, the work class ROVs can be mobilised worldwide from a number of strategic locations as part of the James Fisher and Sons plc group of companies.

Here's our list of work-class remotely operated vehicles:

Triton XLX remotely operated vehicle (ROV)

The pride of JFMS'  ROV fleet, the Triton XLX ROV is recognised by the offshore industry as an industry leading work class ROV. It delivers consistent performance in some of the most extreme conditions which demonstrates its operational flexibility and durability in getting the job done.

Supported with some of the most advanced tooling skids in the market, the payloads can reach up to 550kg provide a secure platform to deliver a variety of applications.

A proven asset throughout the world, JF Subsea has access to 2 x Triton XLXs and 2 x XLSs, demonstrating capability to deliver a standalone hire solution or a complete integrated project service challenging customers’ needs in providing a bespoke subsea asset management solution. 

Triton XLS remotely operated vehicle (ROV)

The work class Triton XLS ROV has been built to withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world. Twinned with a capability to undertake heavy duty subsea construction and survey tasks, the Triton has excellent manoeuvrability reassuring all work is completed to the highest of industry standards.

Deep water operations can be further aided by the use of a complimentary top hat tether management system (TMS), designed to maximise the performance of the vehicle by eliminating the effects of umbilical drag and vessel motion.