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James Fisher Subsea owns, operates and manufactures state-of-the-art diving and ROV equipment in compliance with the latest offshore legislation.

JFMS has an extensive selection of diving and life support equipment available for sale or hire, as well as a comprehensive fleet of ROVs ready to support customer projects. We are experienced in supporting offshore operators, shipping companies, onshore facilities and other businesses or authorities which may require underwater work to be conducted.

Diving equipment:

At JFMS we pride ourselves in the design and manufacture of diving equipment. Created with offshore operators in mind, our equipment includes practical features for ease of operation and maintenance. 

Bespoke diving equipment:

Utilising its extensive experience of user requirements and authorities' demands, JFMS works with customers to assist with design specifications. As such, all diving equipment systems are built to required international standards and tailored to our customer's precise needs.

Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) fleet hire:

Our ROV division specialises in providing reliable ROV systems that are tailored to offer quality and versitility, created to suit individual customer specifications or requirements. Focused on quality and versatility, we tailor our services to suit individual customer specifications or requirements. Combining proven cutting-edge technology with highly experienced, qualified personnel we provide underwater surveys, inspections, construction and diver support. JFMS serves customers in the offshore oil and gas, hydro power and marine civil engineering industries worldwide.