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Containerised hot water diver system

James Fisher Marine Services containerised, diesel fired diver hot water systems are designed to continuously supply up to three divers in hot water diving suits.

James Fisher Marine Services designs and manufactures fully containerised diver hot water systems to suit specific customer requirements. The maximum delivery rate of the system is 40 litres per minute (at delivery manifold). The temperature is set by the operator and is then automatically controlled by the temperature display.

Containerised hot water diver system specifications:

Diver hot water system specifications:

  • Hot water flow - 9 gallons per minute
  • 2 x oil fires boilers with matched oil burners
  • Diesel fuel tank capacity - 375 litres
  • 150 litre hot water tank
  • Pipework designed to facilitate ease of maintenance

10x8ft containerised hot water system specification

Containers can be designed and manufactured in various sizes, combinations, layouts and finishes to suit any application.

Technical specification
Built in accordance with DNV 2.7.-1 and BS.EN:12079
Designed temperature: -20°C
Container tested in accordance to DNV 2.7-1 requirements
Supplied with lifting set in accordance with BS.EN:13414-1:2003
Sea state 2m significant wave
Paint to offshore specifications
1 x personnel door
1 x double container doors giving access for maintenance
Bunded container


General specifications
3 phase (32amp, 400v) power supply entering container via application inlet plug
All mains power supplies are run internally via trunking
1 x 6kva isolation transformer (primary 480v, secondary 240v)
Integral electrical services box for boiler control
Tube heater
2 x externally mounted earth bosses
High frequency strip light with maintained emergency backup facility
Fire extinguisher
Heat alarm with battery back up