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Dive control packages

Containerised dive control units are designed and built to customer specifications, with layouts tailored to suit specific requirements.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has extensive experience designing and manufacturing dive control units to suit specific customer applications. Our dive control units provide dive supervisors and client representatives with a quiet, warm and dry environment, free of distractions from which to safely oversee subsea operations.

Dive control units

Dive control units are designed to be modular with other JFMS dive equipment for ease of use and efficient operations, such as diver umbilicals, deck CCTV, DPA, deck communications, bridge communications, diver 1 and diver 2 video/audio output.

Fully insulated and lined, dive control units include all electrical distribution (single and three-phase) for container heating, cooling, lighting and all other electrical services. Dive control panels are available in two, three and four diver options for both air and nitrox diving operations. Containerised dive control packages are built to BS.EN:12079 or DNV 2.7.1 specifications as required. Sizes previously supplied include 12 x 8ft, 12 x 9ft, 15 x 8ft and 20 x 8ft containers.

Ancillary diving equipment

All ancillary diving equipment, such as diver communication, TV monitors, CCTV control units, hard disc video recording systems and diver monitoring can be provided in a 19" rack-mounted format, providing desk space for both the dive supervisor and panel operator.

Dive control unit specifications:

Dive control typical specifications

Technical specifications
 IMCA D023 compliant
300 bar gas supply from cylinders  
20 bar working pressure  
Pressure tested and certified to 1.5 x SWP  
Brass pipework and fittings  
System O2 cleaned
Full certification and maintenance pack supplied
Number of divers can be accommodated as per client's requirements


General specifications
Stainless steel engraved dive panels
Stainless steel racking containing 19" stainless steel frame
Pipework designed to facilitate ease of maintenance
Swagelok fittings throughout
Full diver outlet services and services connections junction box contained within protected bulkhead

Fully installed 2 or 3 diver video systems (computer based), comprising of;

  • Diver monitoring (3 diver), via interface unit
  • Video distribution amplifier for diver 1 and diver 2
  • 2 x 3 diver communications
  • Communications patch panel (3 diver)
  • 3 x uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Monitors for divers
  • Blackbox recorder and monitor
  • Diving video software (can be tailored to suit client requirements)

20x8ft containerised dive control typical specifications

Technical specifications
Survey authority; Lloyd's Register of Shipping  
Design temperature; -20°C  
Container tested in accordance to DNV 2.7-1 requirements  
Supplied with lifting set in accordance with BS.EN: 13414-1:2003  
Sea state 2m significant wave  
Paint to offshore specification  
 3 x personnel door
1 x set container double doors giving maintenance access for dive panel  
3 x windows  
1 x meeting room


General specifications
BA escape set for operator
Insulated and boarded out
Air conditioning system
Fire extinguisher
Storage drawers and white board
3 phase power supply entering container via application inlet plug
All mains power supplies run internally via trunking
High frequency strip light with maintained emergency backup facility
1 x 10 kva multi tapped switchable transformer
2 x externally mounted earth bosses