10 November

James Fisher Marine Services perform vital repairs to Torksey Lock

James Fisher Marine Services divers braved the cold waters of the Fossdyke Navigation to perform vital maintenance on the Torksey Lock.

In October a team of divers from James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS), a world leading subsea division of James Fisher and Sons plc, were called in by the Canal & River Trust to carry out vital repairs and maintenance on the Torksey Lock, which is situated on the Fossdyke Navigation.

Upon inspection the team discovered that the spear rod, which plays a crucial role in the functioning of the lock, was damaged. This made it imperative that JFMS worked efficiently and effectively to restore it to full functioning. The Torksey Lock, which connects the River Trent to the Fossdyke Navigation, is a busy route leading directly into the city of Lincoln, making the speed and necessity of the repair highly important.

Julian Rasen, of the Canal & River Trust, further highlighted the danger of not carrying out the urgent maintenance by saying:

“These works are very important because if we hadn’t carried out these repairs today and the other paddle had failed, the lock could have been shut for up to a week.”

By replacing the corroded nuts, bolts and brackets, JFMS was able to successfully perform maintenance on the damaged spear rod, once again making the lock operational and safe. The waterway manager for the Canal & River Trust, Sean McGinley, commented on the success of the operation by saying that:

“The problem may only have been as simple as a damaged bolt, but the repair was far from straightforward. Imagine trying to carry out repairs to your car when you’re in full diving gear and surrounded by cold water; it’s no mean feat. Although the water was really clear, the visibility would still have been far from perfect so the divers did a great job and it’s brilliant that the lock is now back to its best.”

If you would like to learn more about the work which was completed by the JFMS team on the Torksey Lock, then you may be interested to watch a short video on it which was made by the Canal & River Trust


This video explains work divers from James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) subsea division carried out at Torksey Lock, as well as their importance.