Sky’s the limit as JFMS and NHV sign Memorandum of Understanding.

JFMS signs MoU with global helicopter services provider NHV which strengthens its first-class offshore capability.

It’s a significant move that allows JFMS and NHV to explore the clear advantages aviation services can bring to integrated construction support contracts as an extension of JFMS’ existing capabilities, including its industry-leading offshore wind management system (OWMS®).

The partnership also opens up the possibility for future collaboration on the design, integration and delivery of ‘Helo’ services as part of broader wind farm construction and operation & maintenance (O&M) activities.

Martin Dronfield, director of strategy and business development at JFMS, said:

“We see the integration of aviation services with crew transfer vessels (CTVs) and service operation vessels (SOVs) as a significant ‘key’ to unlocking wind farm development further offshore. NHV is an ideal partner and service provider that’s already established in offshore aviation services, with a presence in all of the North Sea’s oil and gas operating regions, and has a fantastic track record of excellence.

“This partnership further demonstrates our forward-thinking mentality, driving this resource offering, in anticipation of a step-change for wind developers around the world.”

Eric Van Hal, CEO of the NHV Group, said:

“We are honored to engage in a relationship with JFMS.  As offshore operations become increasingly complex, there is a need to provide a greater scope of support services. The extensive knowledge of JFMS, combined with the broad experience from NHV, allows us to create a fruitful synergy between both of our industries. Together, we will be able to offer our clients an all-in service that meets or exceeds the highest international standards for safety and reliability.”

In particular, both parties are keen to develop new ways of integrating helicopter with marine operations, including CTVs, SOVs and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).




JFMS and NHV hope this will lead to an integrated offer which allows project developers to maximise offshore wind farm yields by providing another option for crew transfers further from land –which will keep them up and running for longer and maximise productivity.

Calling on teams from across the UK, JFMS already provides a range of products, services and integrated solutions to support the construction activities and O&M of offshore wind farms.