JFMS takes gender diversity to new milestone on women’s power list.

Two of JFMS' leading women have become the latest members of the Switch List, a database of women in the energy sector.

RenewableUK launched the initiative at its Global Offshore Wind 2018 conference in June. It aims to highlight the vast pool of female talent driving change across the entire energy sector and, therefore, make it easier for those organising industry events to identify expert women thought leaders.

Having signed-up this week, JFMS employees Dr Jennie Kevis-Stirling, survey product manager, and Corrine Barry, business development manager, helped Switch reach its latest milestone of 200 members.

Renewable UK Executive Director, Emma Pinchbeck, said:

“We’re really pleased that two more extraordinarily talented women have joined the Switch List, taking the total number to 200 in less than two months. But we know that the pool of female talent working in the energy sector is much bigger than that –so we’d encourage more women to sign up.

“Our aim is to ensure that women in both senior and junior roles are given high-profile platforms to speak at industry events. It’s important to give the women of our sector visibility so that they can act as role models for the next generation taking their very first steps on the career ladder. The outdated notion of the all-male panel should be consigned to the past as swiftly as possible, as we modernise by celebrating diversity and championing gifted women.”   

Responsible for developing JFMS’ survey services to the renewables industry, Jennie first nurtured her interest in the physical marine environment during her Ph.D. in marine geophysics at the University of Leeds and research and post-doc positions at leading oceanographic institutions in the UK and US. During her career to date, Jennie has worked on offshore surveys around the world and supported major operators and engineering companies to achieve their complex sub-sea and sub-seabed investigation aims.


Image: Jennie Kevis-Stirling at Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour, visiting the construction works for Galloper

Asked for her opinion on how initiatives such as Switch are helping to promote diversity in the energy sector, Jennie said:

“I’m proud to support the Switch List which I believe has the potential to start to rebalance gender disparity at industry events and promote talented women at all stages of their careers.”

Alongside her role for JFMS, Corrine is director on the board of the Grimsby Renewables Partnership –a group focused on attracting investment and providing new opportunities across the offshore wind supply chain for local businesses to grow. She also volunteers as an enterprise advisor for North East Lincolnshire Council, working with schools and colleges, encouraging young people, especially women, to consider career opportunities in the engineering industry.

On why the initiative is so important to the industry, Corrine said:

“It’s essential that we do everything we can to empower women to showcase their talent and voice in what is known to still be a very male-dominated industry. Switch is blazing a trail for young women to enter an industry that is at the vanguard of change. I believe diversity is the key to continued growth and development; without it, the industry will not reach its full potential.”

RenewableUK will be profiling Switch members across its social channels to highlight the excellence and expertise of the women helping to shape an exciting and thriving global industry.

For more information, to sign up or even recommend a colleague for the Switch List, please visit: www.renewableuk.com/page/Switch