JFMS finds steely solution to offshore plastic waste.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has turned its back on plastic water bottles in favour of a more ocean-friendly solution.   

In a bid to reduce the quantities of single-use plastic regularly taken out to wind farms, JFMS has taken the decision to provide 1800ml steel (refillable) water bottles for offshore personnel.

Martin Dronfield, director, strategy and business development at JFMS, said:

“Every year, an estimated eight million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean so anything we can do as a business, and as an industry, to reduce the amount of plastics being used is a good thing. Although very much in its infancy, this endeavour has already had very positive feedback, from both crew and clients, and we hope to expand the scheme in the future.”

JFMS aims to provide environmentally sustainable solutions for our markets and, wherever possible, prevent and mitigate any potential adverse environmental and social impacts.

Embracing the spirit of the James Fisher group’s on-going sustainability endeavour, the operations and maintenance team at JFMS suggested the idea in a bid to cut down on the pallets of plastic water bottles shipped offshore. Each time a vessel goes out to sea, it carries a supply of plastic water bottles for the crew and the plastic waste soon mounts up.

Crews providing operation and maintenance services on London Array 630MW wind farm will use the first consignment of steel water bottles.