Dart Fisher's claim to fame

James Fisher's bespoke offshore support vessel, Dart Fisher, makes a special appearance in the blockbuster movie 'Dunkirk'.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) bursts with pride as its very own offshore support vessel, Dart Fisher, is spotted in the background of the extremely popular 2017 movie 'Dunkirk'.

Could this lead towards a career change for Dart Fisher? Probably not. However, this cameo appearance adds to the Dart Fisher's wealth of high quality specifications and capabilities within the marine industry.

Although Dart Fisher had a cameo in the film, Sir John Fisher - as director of the Coasting and Short Sea Division appointed by the Ministry of War Transport during the Second World War - had a leading role in rounding up civilian craft to help evacuate the soldiers from Dunkirk.

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You can read more about Sir John Fisher's role in the war here: From trenches to Dunkirk role

To learn more about the company, we invite you to purchase a book written on the history of James Fisher, "Around the coast and across the seas: The story of James Fisher & Sons."

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