JFMS helps inspire the next wave of engineering talent.

JFMS and Associated British Ports (ABP) welcomed 15 inquisitive students for an educational tour of Lowestoft.

As part of the collaboration, a cohort of students (aged 14-15) from Cliff Park Ormiston Academy were invited to explore first-hand what working in the exciting maritime sector is like and given the opportunity to quiz engineers working at the site.

Throughout the day, engineers shared personal anecdotes about the day-to-day workflow of a fast-paced, innovative environment and explained the different first steps a prospective engineer can take towards a hugely rewarding career.

It was the perfect platform for students to learn more about the variety of roles available and the competencies required for a successful engineering career, in particular the high-demand placed on problem-solving skills.

Students were split into three learning groups, each focusing on a specific part of the port. One group visited the Bascule Bridge control tower in Lowestoft, built in 1972, in order to find out more about the mechanics behind its operation and was fortunate enough to see the bridge in action.

Lowestoft Engineering Group.jpg

Image courtesy of ABP

JFMS and ABP hope that enriching experiences like this will motivate students to pursue a successful career in the maritime sector, with a particular focus on cultivating a stream of interest in STEM-based roles.  

Martin Dronfield, director, strategy and business development at JFMS, said

“It’s a privilege to collaborate with leading partners, such as ABP, on cultivating the next wave of bright, young talent to our industry. 

"A career in marine engineering offers an incredible range of rewards and gives you the opportunity to make a difference to society. We hope the tour has unlocked the hunger to pursue a STEM-related career in many of the students and, hopefully, they will go on to blossom into the creative and innovative engineers needed to help improve lives all around the world.”