James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) sponsors latest GRP event.

JFMS will be flying the flag for the local supply chain at the latest Grimsby Renewables Partnership networking event.

Taking place at Humber Cruising Association on Thursday 22 March, the event, which is sponsored by JFMS, will focus on the benefits of a collaborative approach to supply chain opportunities in the North East.

John Best, special projects consultant for JFMS, said:

“James Fisher Marine Services is widely recognised for its capability to deliver complex marine projects. To deliver such comprehensive support, we draw on the deep expertise within our own group structure, complemented by the rich and diverse skills, capability and experience within the local supply chains with which we operate –particularly where it will add strength to our integrated offering and, more importantly, benefit our clients. Many of the local businesses that we work with subsequently find themselves part of the bigger offer opening many doors both locally and beyond.”

The Grimsby Renewables Partnership was established by a group of local businesses which anticipated the offshore wind market. The group, which now consists of over 100 members, believed in the impact one voice could have on attracting investment and providing new opportunities across the supply chain for local businesses to grow.

There is now a huge amount of green energy being generated off the coast of Grimsby, with significantly more in the pipeline – underlining the potential for offshore wind to ease critical pressures on non-renewable energy industries.

Corinne Barry, who sits on the board of directors at the Grimsby Renewables Partnership, said:

“These are exciting times for the renewable energy sector in the UK –and in particular Grimsby, for the role it is playing in leading the renewables revolution with Triton knoll and the largest windfarm in the world, Hornsea 2, being constructed off the east coast. The fact that local companies have the opportunity to support these projects is truly fantastic for the region’s economy, its supply chain and, in my opinion, it’s a huge statement to the industry.”

JFMS provides a comprehensive range of specialist marine services and has set the benchmark, and a new industry model, for delivering integrated construction support services at the Galloper Wind Farm.

The Grimsby Renewables Partnerships welcomes members from outside of the region, as long as businesses show a keen interest to do business in the offshore wind sector in the area.