Subsea inspection campaign on Hinkley Point C

In 2015, James Fisher Marine Services completed a two month Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) survey and identification campaign on the Hinkley Point C project.

The completion of the works and the issue of the UXO clearance certificate marked an important milestone for the pre-engineering works for the site. The Hinkley Point C project was given the go ahead for construction in 2014, with final funding agreed summer 2016. The Nuclear project is a huge step forward in the UK’s drive to become self-sufficient.

James Fisher Marine Services deployed a dive vessel and specialist UXO and survey Divers to investigate pre identified anomalies, to ensure the site was clear of UXO’s. Located on the Bristol Channel, where strong tides and poor visibility are present, provided some challenging conditions for the JFMS’s specialist UXO team to work in.

Throughout the works upwards of 34 potential UXO targets were located and inspected whilst contending with the poor visibility and fast currents. Equipped with tools for de-burial, JFMS’s specialist team enabled the client to undertake an in-depth inspection of the previously identified anomalies in accordance with ALARP.

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