Routine inspection, repair and maintenance 

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) worked closely with a nuclear power station to complete major routine inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM).

Relying on sea water intake, the station has to undergo regular, planned IRM every 18 months to ensure its safe and efficient operations.

Integrating its in-house capability, JFMS planned and managed a complaint solution to work in a potentially high risk environment to deliver planned IRM including the provision of diving and ROV services and multi-skilled personnel.

Operating within tight operational window, JFMS programmed against a wide ranging scope including inshore air diving inspection work of the cooling water intake heads and maintenance of the drum screens and chambers, which filter sea water used on the main turbine condensers and reactor ancillaries.

Understanding its customers specific needs, JFMS created a bespoke solution to repair a culvert which connects the intake heads to the drum screen chamber, which extends 800 metres. Adapting existing in-house assets by upgraded its inspection class Falcon ROV, JFMS installed a light weight fibre optic cable, enabling an extra 400 metres of operational flexibility and manoeuvrability.

The project further establishes JFMS within the nuclear market by demonstrating its ability to deliver against its customers’ needs and also support a bespoke solution.

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