Subsea outfall pipe inspection, repair and maintenance 

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has been supporting for over a decade, critical diving and ROV IRM solutions on an outfall pipe that extends off the south coast of England.

Integrating in-house capability, JFMS has been delivering a complete IRM project management solution on an outfall pipe that extends approximately 3.5km out to sea from the Weymouth coastline. The pipeline starts at a nuclear decommissioning site inland, which supports a major programme within the nuclear industry.

The scope of work requires the integration of services, which enables effective project management in the mobilisation of both diving and ROV operational spreads to the coastline location. Utilising in-house assets to satisfy a contractual requirement, JFMS mobilised its Falcon ROV to inspect the entirety of the pipeline from the offshore diffusers to the beach burial point.

Further project support required divers and ROVs to focus on the refilling of gabion baskets, maintenance of the subsea pipeline and the clearance of marine growth from the timber aprons and diffusers.

The long-term relationship with the customer demonstrates JFMS' ability to deliver continuously with industry leading professionalism. The annual IRM scope is a core part of JFMS capability and underpins its industry leading position within the nuclear market.

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