MeyGen tidal energy array

Delivering an integrated project solution, James Fisher Subsea provided innovative diving services on the MeyGen tidal project.

Completing the messenger wire installation and onshore cable pull-in operations at  MeyGen Limited’s (MeyGen) Pentland Firth energy tidal array, JF Subsea worked with sister group company James Fisher Marine Services to provide expertise in the subsea diving element of the project.

The project was mobilised from its diving operations base in Yorkshire to the remote location of Pentland Firth. The mobilisation required road an sea transportation to ensure the safe delivery of a dive control unit, deck decompression chamber and experienced personnel.

With a total of 11km of tidal export cables to lay, JF subsea had to operate in extreme tidal conditions which restricted the dive time to anything from three hours a day to not being able to dive at all due to tidal streams. The full mobilisation of the dive team and spreads enabled the team in be reactive to the changing tide and operate on standby 24 hours day to achieve optimal dive times.

Working in a remote location, JFS mobilised on the Leask Sea Chariot to conducted preparatory dives in water where the tidal stream can reach of up to 8 knots, creating very small windows of opportunity to dive in acceptable tidal speeds – typically three days a month to successfully complete operations over neap tides.

Completing the project, the JF Subsea also provided personnel and equipment to deliver the shore end cable pull-ins which connect the tidal array export cables to the main electricity grid.

Working closely with James Fisher group companies, the project was acknowledged for its efficiency, speed of mobilisation and accuracy in delivery by the client.