Walney II offshore wind farm

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) delivered an integrated in-house diving and ROV solution for installation of cables and messenger lines at the Walney II wind farm.

Demonstrating core skills in offshore renewable energy, JFMS successfully oversaw project management of cable and messenger line installation on the offshore wind farm Walney II off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness.

Combining in-house expertise and assets in diving and ROV, JFMS coordinated the operation with further 3rd party support to deliver a bespoke subsea solution. Additional project management included the charter of a DPII vessel and activation of the Tekmar cable seal system.

Supporting the installations on 51 turbines, JFMS carried out an efficient mobilisation to deliver cable support across the whole of Walney I and Walney II, focussing on foundations, turbines export and array cables, offshore substations and onshore connection grids, which when finished will deliver an upper capacity of 367.2MW.

The project was completed effectively with 85 days, which was recognised by the client and enhanced JFMS' outstanding proven track record to deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions to support its customers’ needs in subsea asset management.