MeyGen tidal energy array

Delivering an integrated diving solution, James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) supported the successful cable installation at the MeyGen tidal energy array.

JFMS completed the messenger wire installation and shore end cable pull-in operations at MeyGen Limited’s (MeyGen) Pentland Firth tidal energy array. JFMS supported its sister company Mojo Maritime, who acted as project lead, in providing expertise in the subsea diving element of the project.

Equipment was mobilised from its diving operations base in Yorkshire to the remote location of Pentland Firth. This included the safe delivery of a dive control unit and a deck decompression chamber.

Operating from a diving platform, the team conducted preparatory dives to support the laying of 11km of export cable. The operation was shaped by some of the world's most extreme environmental conditions with tidal speed reaching up to 6 knots creating small windows of opportunity in which divers could safely enter the water.

To optimise operational dive time and to support ad hoc diver intervention, the team was mobilised throughout the duration of the project on a 24 hour basis - providing a flexible diving solution.

Completing the project, JFMS utilised its multi-skilled divers to deliver the shore end cable pull-ins, which connects the tidal energy array to the main electricity grid.

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