ERT provision at Gwynt-y-Mor OWF

Prior to works commencing in the Offshore Field, the RWE Senior Management Team set a target that all offshore workers would have access to the same level of emergency response as their onshore colleagues with any injured or sick individual receiving treatment within 20 minutes.

The offshore field is 18km offshore, beyond the remit of conventional Emergency Services, and covers an area of approximately 80km². James Fisher Marine Services designed a bespoke training programme for the Gwynt-y Môr site.

Carrying all of the latest equipment in a bespoke trauma rucksack, the team has four main aims:

• Identify life-threatening injuries and provide first aid
• Perform key interventions
• Achieve rapid extrication
• Provide timely transport to an appropriate medical facility

During the offshore construction campaign, the ERT was called upon nearly 40 times, of which, 22 incidents required specialist equipment or skills not covered by standard First Aid at Work training, (the majority of which were health related or a pre-existing condition). Some of the individuals were treated in-field by the ERT, others were taken ashore following a joint effort from the ERT and the RNLI or RAF but all were receiving initial First Aid or assistance within 15 minutes. This level of response has instilled confidence in the workforce and a reassurance that everybody is a valued member of the project team.

The following quote is taken from Mr. Morten Holme, Siemens Wind Senior Project Manager:

“On Thursday 13th November in the morning, one of our Installation Leads on Wind Solution was evacuated by helicopter to the Glan Clwyd Hospital in Rhyl with severe chest pain. Initial tests indicated that he had suffered a heart attack and a subsequent scan showed a blockage in an artery and doctors decided to operate immediately. The operation was a success and he was discharged from the Hospital on Saturday. Can I ask you to extend my thanks to RWE´s Emergency Response Team, who were at the scene within 15 minutes of the call and whose knowledge and professionalism made a huge difference, not just to the individual but also to his family, his colleagues and his friends.”

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