Design and manufacture of a three diver nitrox dive control unit

James Fisher Marine Services' diving equipment division Marine and Diving Services (M&DS) engineered and manufactured a three diver nitrox dive control unit to specific customer requirements.

As part of a group wide joint venture with JFD, M&DS designed and manufactured a bespoke 20’ x 8’ containerised three diver wet bell air and nitrox dive control unit

Built adhering to stringent industry requirements, IMCA D.023 and NORSOK U100, the containerised unit and dive panel also comply with DNV 2.7-1 and is certified with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

The interior of the container was split into two sections, which was the dive control operations room and a break-out meeting room. The features of the dive control room included:

  • Nitrox and wet bell diving panel c/w touch screen O2/CO2 analysers and flow alarms
  • O2 dive control analyser
  • LED diver gas supply display
  • Gas low pressure alarm system
  • Diver communication systems
  • Diver hat mounted lighting and video link system
  • Recording system for diver communications and video
  • Diver monitoring system computer
  • Deck video system, comprising of 1x CCTV and 1x Pan and tilt CCTV camera
  • LED internal lighting system (fully adjustable for use during operations and with complete emergency backup system)
  • Uninterrupted power supply system
  • Hot water manifold, monitoring system, with high and low temperature and flow alarms
  • Dynamic positioning warning light system
  • Hard wire deck communication system

The container was manufactured so that the meeting room could be closed off from the main room with an internal sliding door. This meeting room included its own air conditioning supply, LED lighting and monitor display which was linked to the main system in the operations room.

As with all M&DS builds, the system has been designed to be ‘plug and play’ with other products and in this case it was the clients decompression chamber, diver umbilical and deck communications.

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