Burbo Bank anode installation

Dong Energy commissioned JFMS to install Cathodic Protection across all 25 assets at Burbo Bank offshore wind farm to combat internal galvanic corrosion.

After initial meetings with the client (Dong Energy) and manufacturers (Impalloy), JFMS took data from the 25
assets and designed a system of how the sacrificial anodes where to be installed.

In each of the 25 assets, 24 sacrificial anodes were suspended at pre-determined heights unique to that asset.

JFMS’s specialist installation team pre assembled the anodes and data capture system onshore, reducing costs and increasing safety and efficiency in the field.

To ensure safe and efficient completion of the project, JFMS revised a schedule that included loading the anodes onto multiple locations and then simultaneously preparing and installing them. JFMS employ a number of highly skilled rope access technicians, who were deployed in to the field to complete the project on time and budget with no safety issues.

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