Vessel Motion Monitoring System (VMMS)™

James Fisher Marine Services' Vessel Motion Monitoring System (VMMS)™ significantly improves the safety levels of wind turbine transfer boats during critical operations.

The Vessel Motion Monitoring System™ allows users to monitor all motion parameters rather than relying on significant wave height as the main limiting factor, meaning the operational window is increased. VMMS™ is designed for the two main operational phases: the transit phase (from shore to the wind farm) and the docking phase (transferring personnel to the turbines).

The Vessel Motion Monitoring System™ protects both personnel and the vessel from any incidents by monitoring heave, pitch and roll levels during vessel approach, push-ons and transfers.

VMMS™ benefits VMMS™ features
  • Improves personnel safety during vessel transfer operations
  • Provides an objective assessment of conditions
  • Mitigates nausea and sickness of personnel and improves wellbeing
  • Protects the vessel and equipment from damage
  • Increases operational windows by measuring all vessel motions
  • Determines vessel efficiency and supports selection and management decisions
  • Accurate motion monitoring of roll, pitch, heave and heading
  • Collects data for statistical/analytical purposes
  • Alarms provide warnings when heave levels reach pre-set limits
  • Graphic display with live and historical data of roll, pitch, heave and heading
  • Threshold setting limits
  • Quick and easy to install

Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS)™ integration

VMMS™ has the option of being used as standalone system or integrated into JFMS's pioneering Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS)™ and used in conjunction with the Intelligent Fender System™ to provide full oversight of wind farm operations.

With OWMS™ the system offers additional features such as automatic reporting for post-operation data analysis, becoming a powerful management tool for setting weather threshold limits for different vessels and supporting vessel selection.