Ship-to-Turbine™ offshore oil exchange

Ship-to-Turbine™ offers an innovative solution to gearbox oil exchanges in a offshore wind turbine. 

Providing a cost-effective solution to offshore wind turbine gearbox oil exchange, Ship-to-Turbine (STT)™ employs a proven vacuum preheating and filtration technology to transfer the oil from a self-contained deck mounted unit, through umbilical hoses directly to the gearbox. The system ensures the delivery of clean product to DIN ISO 4406:99 standards, eliminating the need to fill and hoist oil containers via the nacelle crane.

STT™ improves technician utilisation, reduces turbine down-time and provides a zero leakage hose coupling to prevent environmental contamination. Successful trials demonstrated a considerable reduction in oil exchange operations to as low as four hours total pumping time per turbine, significantly improving operational efficiency in oil exchange operations.

Drawing on group capability, James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) is an unrivalled world-leader in transporting safe, clean product around the UK. In the last 10 years there has been successful shipping of in excess of 60 Billion litres of clear petroleum products, without the loss of life or spillage to water.

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Ship-to-Turbine™ benefits:

  • Significantly increases operational efficiency

  • Reduces wind turbine downtime

  • Improves safety and utilisation of offshore technicians

  • Enables the extraction and transportation of oil without risk of contamination

  • Utilises conventional access vessels for deployment

Ship-to-Turbine™ features:

  • James Fisher Marine Services provides a complete project management capability that focuses specifically on your needs

  • Developed from oil exchange pumping technology in onshore applications

  • Self-contained deck mounted unit

  • Range of variants for different applications include: oil volumes, oil types, and umbilical lengths

  • Meets with DIN ISO 4406:99 product cleanliness standards

  • Certified to Gear Oil Cleanliness Levels ISO 16/14/11

  • Certified to Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness Levels ISO 15/13/10

Ship -to-Turbine™ visuals

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STT™ on deck STT™ umbilical lift STT™ in nacelle STT™ oil transfer
STT™ on deck STT™ umbilical lift STT™ in nacelle STT™ oil transfer