Rotos 360

Rotos 360, part of James Fisher, is the ideal choice for all your blade repair requirements. 

 Rotos 360, part of James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has helped to develop the Gurit Renuvo UV cured blade repair method. In 2014 it successfully achieved DNV GL Certification for this process and has since  successfully completed projects in onshore and offshore environments.

This innovative method has resulted in significant time saving, reduced costs and improved safety through the use of Rotos's unique suspended work platforms. 

Key benefits of the UV curing method include: 

  • Working Temperatures can be 5 - 30 degrees centigrade
  • Fast Curing - 25 times faster than Epoxy curing)
  • Clean Materials - No toxic vapours emitted during curing 

Rotos 360's operations are all undertaken by highly experienced technical teams. As part of it's team specification, each blade technician must have at least four years referenced experience in blade repair. As part of this Rotos 360 also operate long-term training programs, enabling personnel to train from intermediate level up to the company standard.

For more information visit Rotos 360's website.