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Multi-skilled personnel

James Fisher Marine Services' highly qualified personnel possess a wealth of offshore experience.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) personnel are highly competent and cross-trained in several key operational areas. Being proficient in a number of specialist fields makes our personnel invaluable to any project and reduces the need to employ separate contractors for different project elements.

With personnel able to perform a wide variety of duties from diving and ROV handling to rigging, lifting, and hauling, we are able to adapt as and when the requirements of the project dictate.

We have provided all aspects of underwater engineering for over 30 years. Since 2000 JFMS have been very active in the exciting field of offshore renewable energy. Services we offer include cable installation, "J" and "I" tube works, tower access, second-end cable pulls, messenger wires, and temporary hang off clamp installations.

The whole team is subjected to JFMS competency assessment protocols. This ensures that any mobilised staff can and will perform any project related tasks to the satisfaction of the client. Investment in the latest equipment and the ability to retain a high level of competent personnel enables us to assure our clients that only quality and safety conscious team members will be deployed to their work sites.

All offshore divers hold a minimum of an offshore survival, offshore medical and a HSQE recognised top-up commercial diving qualification.

JFMS has provided inspection-class and work-class remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) services for over 10 years. The inspection class ROVs are capable of flying down pipelines with an internal diameter of as little as 190mm. The work class ROVs can operate powered tools and carry cable finding equipment to depths of up to 2,000m in seawater.

Pilots will, as a minimum, have an ROV pilot technician certificate from either the manufacturer specific to the machine and, or, by an independent training company. They will also have suitable offshore and ROV experience for the job in hand as well as offshore medical and survival training.

All our personnel who are mobilised onto an offshore structure hold OPITO approved rigging and lifting qualifications which further expands their skill sets both above and below the surface. Deployed personnel will also have a minimum of a slinging and banksman qualification.

Depending on project requirements, level two and level three riggers are available on request, as are personnel with additional qualifications in rope access. JFMS' rigging team members also hold commercial power boat qualifications and have cable handling experience.

JFMS' personnel are cross-trained in wind turbine climbing, a RenewableUK approved course and recognised safety training program, to access tower platforms. We provide tower access teams for cable 'J' tube pulls and regular maintenance works. The same team can carry out inspections without the need for further personnel, equipment or vessels. JF Subsea’s team also works outside tower platforms for more specialised tasks.

Confined space operations can also be provided inside towers, including installation of monitoring equipment through our sister company Strainstall.

Tower access personnel will, as a minimum, have offshore survival, offshore medical, offshore tower access course, rigging level one and relevant offshore experience. Rope access and additional rigging qualifications are available on request as are inspection and non-destructive testing qualifications.