Crew transfer vessels (CTVs)

JFMS provides specialist offshore project vessels for operations around the UK and across European waters.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) offers dedicated offshore support vessels designed to offer high performance, cost-effective maritime solutions. 

Dart Fisher is our latest offshore support vessel; a flexible, multi-role craft ideal for conducting support operations in renewable and other maritime engineering sectors. Its high carrying capacity minimises the number of visits needed to a site, further reducing costs and increasing operational flexibility.

The vessel’s high quality specification also includes marine grade aluminium construction for damage survivability, large fuel capacity and superior propulsion and performance solutions.

Dart Fisher capabilities: 

  • Air and Nitrox diving
  • ROV operations
  • Ship-to-Turbine™
  • Underwater surveys
  • Onboard workshop
  • Offshore refuelling
  • Crew and equipment transfer

For more information, download the Dart Fisher offshore support vessel brochure.