Bespoke pontoon solutions

James Fisher Marine Services offers robust pontoon solutions for every marine environment, catering to all aspects of design, manufacture and installation. 

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) offers bespoke pontoon solutions to marine, renewable, oil and gas and civil engineering clients around the world.  Heavy duty and durable, all pontoons are designed by our experienced in-house technicians, including project conceptualisation, technical analysis of varying berthing requirements, cumulative berthing weights, life cycle of the pontoon, installation methodology and recommended maintenance schedule.

Bespoke pontoon designs

JFMS provides a variety of pontoon solutions ranging from short life cycle steel tubular or steel box design pontoons, to more robust low maintenance concrete solutions that have a lifecycle in excess of 50 years and 1 in 100 year storm survivability. 

Wherever the project, our pontoon installation teams work closely with local marine and civil engineering contractors to ensure a safe implementation at all times; many of our pontoons are built on or near to the installation site to reduce transportation costs and improve carbon efficiencies. 

For more information about our bespoke pontoon capabilities, contact our pontoon business development team. 

Marine consultancy

Client consultation is completed to identify the required berthing limit, what material the pontoon should be constructed with, entry and exit points, project costing analysis and pontoon life cycle identification.

Project planning

Creation of a project proposal that includes the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) permissions, environmental, wind, weather and location impact analysis. The entire process from design and construction to installation is certified to over 15 internationally recognised safety standards including BS-6349 Maritime structures, BS-6349 Maritime Works, BS EN - 1991 Eurocodes, AS/NZS 1170.2.2011 Structural Design Actions, AS 3600-2009 Concrete Structures and Lloyds registry.

Project design

Utilising the in-house modelling software Orca3D, JFMS can ensure the pontoon's performance during controlled and uncontrolled moorings by simulating large vessel berthing and accidental high impact loads. The software can also test the design against extreme weather conditions and significant wave height (based on existing marine reports) to ensure the pontoon is fit-for-purpose before its commissioned into operation.


Whole and modular pontoon manufacture to an industry recognised BS-6349 Maritime Works standard for quayside installation.

Pontoon installation

Transportation of the modular pontoon to site by road or sea with the pontoon to be launch via quayside or a vessel based crane for full in-water commissioning.

Pontoon berth testing and approval

Pontoon installation is completed with a full on-site berthing and pontoon approval process that safeguards the pontoon's durability and ensures vessel deflection is within its working scope, pre-determined load limits are confirmed, maximal impact force analysis, mooring bollard testing and where applicable the delivery of a bridge with a weight loading of 5Kn per square metre.

Millennium Dome (now O2)

  • Delivery of the world’s largest tubular pontoon
  • Design and build of 90m x 15m pontoon solution
  • Integrated project management

Galloper Offshore Wind Farm

  • Set-up of a 360m quayside facility
  • Design and installation of a bunkering solution
  • Set-up of 288,00ft² shoreside support base


  • Integrated delivery of two 30m x 5m pontoons
  • Integrated delivery of a 33m access brow
  • Orca3D software designing

Falmouth Ferry Terminal

  • Design of plastic tube floating pontoon
  • Manufactured with steel frame
  • Bespoke curved and grounding solution

Falmouth Harbour Fuel Pontoon

  • Design of tubular bunkering pontoon
  • Provision of petrol and diesel fuelling system
  • Robust double skinned fuel tank solution

Tate Millbank Pontoon

  • Stealth pontoon steelwork design and build
  • 3D CAD modelling services
  • Designed with a 1,000T berthing capacity

Jubilee Gardens Pier

  • Pontoon build and installation services
  • Designed with sunken mooring radial arms
  • Integrated project management

Wandsworth, River Thames

  • Integrated delivery of a heavy duty pontoon
  • Design of 300m pontoon solution
  • Designed with a 300T berthing limit
Newhaven pontoon Millennium Dome (now O2) pontoon Tate Millbank pontoon
Newhaven pontoons view North.jpg Image 8.jpg  Tate Millbank Pontoon 400 x 250.jpg